Charlie Bolden Likes To Travel (Too Much?)

Nasa administrator sees Qatar-US programmes, Gulf Times

"Nasa administrator Charles Bolden has said that Qatar and the US will work together to develop science, technology and educational programmes in the future Bolden spoke yesterday at the residence of US Ambassador to Qatar Joseph LeBaron, where he discussed the approach of President Barack Obama's administration to science and technology, and reaffirmed the commitment the US president made in his Cairo speech one year ago to improving relations with the Muslim world. The former astronaut visited Doha having been to Egypt, and during his brief stay here he met the ministers of education and environment as well as other government officials."

Chaparral launches graduates, The Temecula Valley News

"High school graduates of the southwest Riverside County will go out into the world and come face to face with many truths that are veiled by mist. The Chaparral High School class of 2010 is no exception. The school held its graduation for about 650 seniors last Friday under overcast weather. Charles F. Bolden, Jr. of NASA gave the students their commencement speech beginning with a word of caution - that this is not the end."

Keith's note: According to NASA and Congressional sources, the problems associated with the completion and delivery of NASA's budgetary and policy information to Congress last week were not due entirely to White House's preoccupation with the oil spill. During part of the time the budget numbers were being crunched Charlie Bolden was 7 times zones away in Qatar. NASA and Administration staff have begun to raise questions about the amount of time that Charlie Bolden spends away from NASA Headquarters (and the communication issues that go with that) often dealing with issues that are, at best, peripheral to what the agency needs to be focusing on right now.

- Oil Trumps Space (Update), earlier post
- White House Responds To Congress on FY 2011 Budget, earlier post

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