House Gets Firm With NASA Over Data Request

Letter From House Science & Technology Committee to Charles Bolden Regarding FY 2011 Budget Information

"The failure of NASA to supply Congress with this information hampers our ability to address the future of NASA's human spaceflight program in a timely manner. Simultaneously, the agency is implementing dramatic changes to the Constellation program which are resulting in the loss of thousands of skilled jobs and which will cause unavoidable delays in the development of Ares-I and Orion, should Congress decide not to terminate those programs. Since NASA has failed to provide the Committee with any detailed supporting materials with which Congress can judge the proposed human spaceflight plan, Congress must insist upon the production of all materials NASA relied upon in formulating its proposal ... Please provide these materials and information to Room 2321 of the Rayburn House Office Building no later than close of business on Friday June 25, 2010. "

Keith's note: Word has it that the White House views this request as a matter of Executive privilege. As such it is unlikely that NASA will be allowed to provide much of what the House members are demanding to see. This is an old trick. Congress asks for every piece of data that they can think of knowing full well that the White House will say no. Then they have a new issue to thump their chests about: the White House's refusal to be open and transparent with Congress and to provide the requested information. Stay tuned. This is just going to drag on all summer.

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