PeTA's 30 Seconds With Charlie

Protester Takes Over Microphone, Disrupts Conference as NASA Official Takes The Stage, PeTA

"A PETA supporter took the stage and microphone this weekend just before a speech by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden at the National Space Society's International Space Development Conference. As Bolden looked on, the protester asked that NASA halt plans to fund a cruel and wasteful radiation experiment on monkeys. She spoke uninterrupted by the crowd for several minutes and received a few cheers from the audience before being escorted off the stage."

Keith's note: Advice to PeTA: if you want to get the media's attention, then going to lovefests among true believers such as ISDC - which never gets mainstream media coverage - is a waste of your time. Indeed, people at the event tell me that the next day attendees staged a mock demonstration making fun of PeTA.

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