Cernan Calls On Bolden To Resign

Keith's note: Appearing on Fox News, Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan just called on Charlie Bolden to resign. In essence Cernan said that if Bolden believes in what he was directed to say that he should resign and if he does not believe in this then he should also resign.

Written Testimony of Eugene A. Cernan

"We (Armstrong, Lovell and myself) have come to the unanimous conclusion that this budget proposal presents no challenges, has no focus, and in fact is a blueprint for a mission to "nowhere."

Video, Fox News

CERNAN: "Sometimes its hard to figure out Charlie. I some times don't know if he says what he believes or believes what he says, quite frankly. He's a good man, I respect him - I have for a long time - and he's a friend. But if he really believes what he is quoted as saying about this particular subject ... I hate to say this but I don't think Charlie knows or understands what the leadership role of the NASA Administrator really is. International cooperation is one thing. But in the manner in which he put it - the three major objectives in his leadership role as NASA Administrator ... it just does not fit in what NASA was designed - what the charter of NASA really is. If he believes this - and I hate to say this is - its pretty strong and heavy - then I think we ought to ... that leveler heads ought to call for his resignation because that is not what his job is. And if he doesn't believe it, he ought to stand up if he doesn't support the president' s proposal ..."

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