Dryden Seeks Ethnically Diverse Cylons

NASA DFRC Solicitation: Two Different Interactive Robots With Accessories

"NASA/DFRC has a requirement for (quantity 2) Interactive Robot Characters with accessories. The specifications are: Two different interactive robot characters will be required for usage with the varied targeted audiences. One male "wise-looking" robot such will be suitable for all audiences whereby a female of somewhat ethnic background may add additional comfort to a more diverse audience or when wanting a female to speak at an all female event. Both robots will offer voice modifiers to raise or lower their pitch, remote controls, batteries, chargers, voice hearing transceivers, MP3 player, instruction booklet, and warranty. Since the male robot will be used more often, he will have moving arms. Additional clothing is needed that can be worn by either robot includes a flight suit, lab coat, and astronaut suit and also where robots can be suited in any children's clothing to adapt to seasonal changes or target audiences."

Keith's note: Yesterday we learned about KSC's interest in buying a Welsh robot (complete with accent) to greet visitors. Today we learn that DFRC wants to procure a more ethnically diverse collection of droids, cylons, bots, etc. to interact with the public - one model that is "wise" and another model that is "ethnic" and "female" - and both can also act like "children". Alas, despite the focus on diversity, the male robot still gets to do more work than the female robot.

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