NASA Assists Trapped Miners in Chile

NASA TV Airs Interview Excerpts About Assistance to Trapped Miners in Chile

"NASA has been asked by the Chilean government through the U.S. Department of State to provide technical advice that might assist the trapped miners at the San Jose gold and copper mine near Copiapo, Chile."

NASA to treat trapped Chilean miners, PressTV

"It's an opportunity to us to bring the space-flight experience back down to the ground," said Duncan, CNN reported. The NASA team includes two physicians and a psychologist. Despite fears of mental cracks, the miners have been told for the first time they have to wait at least four months before they can be recued."

How can NASA help Chile miners trapped a half-mile underground?, Christian Science Monitor

"Among the advice space and other experts are already providing the Chilean government: Have the miners develop a routine, including work, exercise, recreation, and rest; take steps to help the men maintain some sense of time and the passing of night and day; and foster their sense of connection to the world they've left behind by encouraging written, verbal, and video contact with families and by communicating the triumphs and defeats of favorite sports teams."

How Astronauts' Experience Could Help Trapped Chilean Miners, Gizmodo

"Jack Stuster of Anacapa Sciences in Santa Barbara, California, carried out a systematic analysis of diaries that were kept for this purpose by astronauts during their six-month ISS expeditions. Each of more than 4000 diary entries were categorised as positive, negative or neutral in tone. Stuster found the strongest overall negative tone in the third quarter of expeditions, a period that has also been said to affect scientists on long stays in the Antarctic. Communications with management deteriorated in the third quarter too, and the frequency of interpersonal problems rose by a fifth."

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