Realigning NASA's Direction

House Capitulates To Senate On NASA Bill, Aviation Week"

"I am hopeful the commercial providers will be successful, but, whereas they have missed contractual cargo milestones thus far, I am wary of being completely dependent on them, because if they fail, we will be dependent on the Russians for longer than absolutely necessary," Gordon said."

Keith's note: And of course Ares 1 is on schedule, on budget, and performing as designed, right Bart?

House likely to pass Senate's vision for NASA, The Hill

"The bill includes $1.6 billion to boost the commercial space industry, $400 million more than in Gordon's bill but still less than half the amount requested by the White House. But the Commercial Spaceflight Foundation said passing the Senate bill would be vastly preferable to continued uncertainy, which may result in layoffs."

Deal ready to steer NASA future, Houston Chronicle

"The compromise, if approved as expected by the House, will be essential to Houston's Johnson Space Center and likely spare at least some of the 1,100 aerospace layoffs that NASA contractors forecast before the House-Senate-White House consensus was reached. It also will bring some direction to the nation's $19 billion-a-year space program."

Lawmakers vote on NASA's direction tomorrow

"Under a suspension of ordinary House rules for debate and amendments, the bill would require a two-thirds majority for approval. It could still be months later, during a "lame duck" session of Congress after mid-term elections, before appropriators supply the agency with a promised funding increase. The bills offer a total of $58.4 billion over three years, including $19 billion next year."

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