Sean O'Keefe Update

Keith's note: Sean O'Keefe returned to work today for the first time since his plane accident this past summer. He is still taking it slow but should be back to full capacity soon. If you have a chance to see it, there will be a segment on Dateline NBC this week hosted by Ann Curry that deals with the accident.

Paul Pastorek's note: "Sean decided that he wanted to tell his story fully and soon in order to express his heartfelt gratitude for the first responders, Coast Guard and National Guard personnel who helped him, his son Kevin, and the two others who survive the crash. He also wanted to use the opportunity to praise the public life of service and mourn the loss of his mentor, Senator Stevens and the four others who died in the crash. Sean, Kevin and Laura were all interviewed late last week by Ann Curry of NBC News. NBC's Dateline will have an hour-long program on the accident airing at 9PM this Friday, October 22. Prior to Dateline airing, Sean is scheduled to appear live on NBC's Today Show at approximately 7:32 AM on Friday morning and shortly after 9AM on CNBC. Having told the story, Sean is looking forward to getting back in the saddle at EADS and turning his focus to the business challenges and opportunities ahead."

Sean and Kevin O'Keefe Recovery, Facebook

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