New Crew Transportation Requirements NASA Won't Let You See (Update)

The coming train wreck for Commercial Human Spaceflight, Wayne Hale

"Now NASA has released a draft (dated Oct. 8, 2010) of its requirements CCT-REQ-1130 ISS Crew Transportation and Services Requirements. I'd like for you to read it but it is behind NASA's IT firewall and you must have an ID and password to access it. I have read it and I'm disappointed. The document runs a mind-numbing 260 pages of densely spaced requirements. Most disappointing, on pages 7 to 11 is a table of 74 additional requirements documents which must be followed, in whole or in part. Taken all together, there are thousands of requirement statements referenced in this document. And for every one NASA will require a potential commercial space flight provider to document, prove, and verify with massive amounts of paperwork and/or electronic forms. This, folks is the old way of doing business. This is one of the major reasons why spaceflight is as costly as it is."

Keith's note: I wonder if Soyuz will meet these requirements. It would be rather strange if it did not since we have certified it as being safe for American astronauts for more than a decade. Rest assured, if you asked this question of someone at NASA responsible for drafting these requirements, they'd really try and find a way not to answer it.

Trying to clean up amess, Wayne Hale

"I have come to regret posting my essay on the coming wreck over commercial space flight. There are two reasons why..."

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