Webb Problems at NASA: Rewarding Bad Management

NASA Administrator Bolden Statement On The Webb Telescope

"However, I am disappointed we have not maintained the level of cost control we strive to achieve -- something the American taxpayer deserves in all of our projects."

Keith's note: "Disappointed"? That's the depth of your response to this? There was just a rather significant election a few days ago - one wherein the current Administration's approach to many things was repudiated. Add in the clear budget-cutting signal that permeated the electorate's response and one would think that you'd be a bit more agitated than being just "disappointed". Moroever, with the anti-incumbent message that the voters sent, one would think that you'd be contemplating a totally new approach to managing JWST.

This is not some small mission. This is a multi-billion dollar, multi-decade program which, by its very size, affects the ability of the entire agency to operate given its continuing cost overruns. The people in charge - Scolese and Weiler - either did not detect or did not respond to these danger signals that were being sent to them. This happened on your watch.

And all you are going to do is change the management chart leaving the same people at NASA HQ in charge? They did not catch these earlier problems. What makes you think that they will start to do so now?

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