ATK's Congressional Delegation Continues To Push for Solids

NASA's human spaceflight program is 'adrift' as budget cuts may doom deal, Orlando Sentinel

"With this fiscal environment in mind, [general manager of Lockheed Martin's human space flight division] John Karas argues that Orion is the only NASA project far enough along to fly -- and may be the only way to keep the agency's space-faring ambitions alive. "The reason we decided not to wait for a rocket any more is because we'd be sitting on the ground until 2020 which means we would atrophy ...," he said."

"I hate to see different entities try to cannibalize the process," said U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, R- Utah, a staunch supporter of his state's solid-rocket industry. "There is money to move forward on [a heavy-lift rocket using solid-rocket motors], as well as the capsule, as long as NASA budgets its money wisely and doesn't waste it on wild goose chases."

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