White House Was Against Bolden's China Trip Before They Were For It

U.S. China Statement, White House

"10. The United States and China agreed to take specific actions to deepen dialogue and exchanges in the field of space. The United States invited a Chinese delegation to visit NASA headquarters and other appropriate NASA facilities in 2011 to reciprocate for the productive visit of the U.S. NASA Administrator to China in 2010. The two sides agreed to continue discussions on opportunities for practical future cooperation in the space arena, based on principles of transparency, reciprocity, and mutual benefit."

Keith's note: This is a little confusing. First, Bolden decides that he wants to go to China (and Indonesia and Vietnam) and the White House tries to talk him out of it saying that this is not the best time. Bolden then shortens his trip, and drops the Indonesia and Vietnam stops - but he still goes to China. A few days before his trip John Holdren leads a separate delegation to China (without Bolden). During after his trip, Bolden is absolutely silent about what happens on his trip and the White House continues to downplay it. Now, that trip shows up in this joint statement as a big accomplishment - with no mention of Holdren's trip. Is the White House trying to save face? Bolden still says nothing about his trip other than admitting that he went there. Is this "policy" development we're seeing, or just someone trying to make chaos look like it was planned all along?

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