ATK Was Against Commercial Crew - Before It Was For it.

ATK pitching Liberty rocket program to NASA; could mean hundreds of Utah jobs, Deseret News

"The Liberty rocket would be crowned with a space-plane or capsule that astronauts would ride into space. "There are about a half a dozen companies out there with capsule designs or small space-planes," Rominger said. "We can lift all of them." ... We at ATK are going to sell them a service," Rominger said. "We own the vehicle, NASA does not. They're merely buying the service from us. They're not buying the vehicle."

Charlie Precourt: ATK's astronaut fights Obama space plan, Orlando Sentinel

ATK's Charles Precourt in 2010: "Specifically, the budget calls for the outsourcing of all human spaceflight services to an unproven private sector. What this means to our space program is deeply disturbing. ... Prior to this budget NASA was investing $4B to stimulate private sector space activities. With this budget proposal, NASA's own Constellation Program and its promising future will be canceled to underwrite an additional $6B to this undefined private sector activity."

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