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Urgent!! Comet Elenin Is The Reason For FEMA Stocking Up On Supplies!!

"Urgent Message about whats going to happen on and around March 15 !! Clear explanation of the comming pole shift from the approach of commet Elenin! This could be the reason FEMA has ordered all the MRE's, underwater bodybags, blakets. Something dras..."

Keith's note: The original video is posted here on YouTube. There is another Elenin-related video posted on here. This video sounds like fun too: UFO - Moon Rising Earth Shattering NASA Lies pt1of7. And let's not forget about ET dissections: UFO*Area 51/Alien Autopsy!-16mm original film/ ROSWELL /NASA X-FILES-1947*. And, of course, it is nice to see NASA Buzzroom hosting a discussion on the topic of "Tennessee Ernie Ford and June Carter - Together!"

What actually angers me is that NASA overtly posts/hosts these goofball videos and lets people post whatever they want - no matter how bizzarre - again appearing on a page. But I get official NASAese telling me why the agency cannot link to those recent, wonderful NASA videos that were done on the agency's behalf (this one and this one for example). It seems to be, by virtue of posting these goofy videos, that NASA has actually set a de facto precedent whereby it can point to (host) third party things of clear value as well. Either that, or no one at NASA understands (or cares about) the legal issues.

Most annoyingly, NASA SOMD posts a link to a fan video (original link since the NASA web scrubber will soon remove it) featuring repurposed Carl Sagan footage from "Cosmos" on YouTube - but yet NASA won't link to these other videos - also using Sagan - citing legalese as the reason why. Where's the consistency?

- Another Video NASA Will Not Link To - Because It Does Not Know How, earlier post
- Poignant Video: NASA - The Frontier Is Everywhere (Update), earlier post

Keith's update: Well it looks like this finally got someone's s attention at NASA SOMD EPO. Obviously they were not paying attention to any of this. They are now furiously scrubbing this site for videos that they do not want up. I made screen grabs of a bunch of them (below). Let's see if NASA finds all of them.

NASA SOMD's Beth Beck is aware of all of this - yet after being notified she still allows a web page that features this video - one which contains a non-stop stream of profanity and imagery showing a bloody lynching - to stay online. How did it even get there in the first place? I give up.

Keith's update: Beth finally got around to having the video removed - but it is cached here at Google as it was more than a week ago. There is another video linked to by NASA Buzzroom that has loads of profanity etc. in it. Lets see if the crack Internet squad at NASA Buzzroom can find it.

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