House Hearing on NASA FY 2012 Budget Request

Hearing Charter

Opening Statement By Rep. Hall, Hearing on NASA FY 2012 Budget Request

"I am concerned that the future of our space program is in serious jeopardy. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, NASA faces a critical period and needs to focus its limited resources to sustain our leadership in space."

Opening Statement By Charles Bolden, Hearing on NASA FY 2012 Budget Request

"Because these are tough fiscal times, tough choices had to be made. But the proposed FY 2012 budget funds all major elements of the Authorization Act, supporting a diverse portfolio of programs, while making difficult choices to fund key priorities and reduce other areas in order to invest in the future."

House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Democrats Caution Against Start-Stop Approach to NASA's Funding and Goals

"While expressing strong support for the President and admiration for Mr. Bolden's leadership, Congresswoman Johnson said that she was disappointed with the request, especially in light of all the work that Congress undertook last year to forge a constructive path forward for the nation's space program."

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