NASA SMD Leaves ESA Standing At The Altar

European Space Missions to Go It Alone After NASA Yanks Support, Science

"European space scientists are scrambling to rethink--and redesign--massive potential missions after it was confirmed that NASA, whose budget is in disarray, won't contribute significant funding to any of the efforts. NASA's decision "means in principle that none of the three missions is feasible for ESA [European Space Agency]," notes Xavier Barcons of the Cantabria Institute of Physics in Spain."

NASA Money Woes Batter Planetary Flagship Budget, Space News

"NASA could be forced to impose a roughly $1 billion cap -- including launch costs -- on any new planetary flagship mission it undertakes this decade, far less than the U.S. National Research Council (NRC) recommended for this class of probe in its most recent survey of planetary priorities and more in line with what the agency spends on medium-sized missions."

European Space Agency to go it alone on next generation space mission, Nature

"The European Space Agency has postponed its selection of a large space mission to launch in the 2020-2021 timeframe, following advice from NASA that the US is unlikely to be able to contribute its share of funding to the winning selection. The selection of the so-called L-class mission had been expected to take place this June, but is now set for February 2012. "The decision was made very reluctantly," says David Southwood, Director of Science and Robotic Exploration at ESA Headquarters in Paris, France,"NASA could not meet our timetable to launch."

Future of NASA Planetary Flagship Missions in Doubt, SpacePolicyOnline

"During a meeting with the Planetary Science Subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council today, however, PSD Director Jim Green made clear that the total amount of funds he thinks he will have for a flagship mission is only $1 billion. The rest of the funds would have to come from an international partner."

Jim Green's Charts

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