Scott Kelly's Cancelled TV Interviews (Update)

Astronaut Scott Kelly Available For Interviews

"After a five-month stay aboard the International Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly will be available for live satellite interviews on Tuesday, March 22, from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. Kelly will be available from 6 to 8 a.m. CDT. The interviews will air live on NASA Television."

Keith's 9:30 am EDT note: Why did NASA (or was it Scott Kelly) cancel all of those live interview shots this morning? NASA TV suddenly had dead air. Lots of TV networks and other media awere lined up in the queue.

Keith's 11:30 am EDT update: JSC PAO just sent me this: "Scott Kelly discontinued his planned interviews this morning because the media repeatedly asked him about his personal family matters rather than his mission to the International Space Station. The media continued to inquire about personal family matters even after he and NASA PAO had repeatedly informed them that the focus of the interviews should remain on his mission."

To be certain the Kelly family is absolutely entitled to their privacy on family issues such as this and the media should respect that - period. But what has me a little baffled is Scott's constant discussion of these issues on-orbit - including discussions with the President, photos of him wearing the wearing of the blue bracelet after landing, and other things related to Rep. Giffords. Why did he talk about this *during* his "mission to the International Space Station"? Either this is in or out of bounds - not both. As such, I can understand how the media was confused about the sudden change in ground rules. He's certainly made them clear now.

Keith's 5:30 pm EDT update: Based on reader reactions and the Kelly family's reaction to the media I am inclined to simply ignore news about them whenever possible - regardless of the topic.

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