CCDev2 Selections Announced (Update)

NASA Awards Next Set Of Commercial Crew Development Agreements

"NASA has awarded four Space Act Agreements in the second round of the agency's Commercial Crew Development (CCDev2) effort. Each company will receive between $22 million and $92.3 million to advance commercial crew space transportation system concepts and mature the design and development of elements of their systems, such as launch vehicles and spacecraft. The selectees for CCDev2 awards are:

-- Blue Origin, Kent, Wash., $22 million
-- Sierra Nevada Corporation, Louisville, Colo., $80 million
-- Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), Hawthorne, Calif., $75 million
-- The Boeing Company, Houston, $92.3 million"

All four Space Act Agreements will be available later today at

Keith's note: What has me puzzled is the posting of this document (Original PDF) at Then it disappeared an hour or so later. There are no proprietary or competition sensitve markings whatsoever on the document, so I have to assume it was OK for this to be posted online, right?

Keith's note: What totally baffles me is how some people in NASA are oblivous to how the real world posts things on the Internet - or that it is still possible that everyone is not blessed with infinite bandwidth at their desk - as is the case with working at NASA. When I downloaded the NASA/SpaceX Space Act Agreement, I began to wonder why it was taking so long. Then I saw how big it was: 41.8 MB - for a 49 page document that is mostly text with a few pictures. In the real world, where people actually know how to create PDFs (i.e "save as") this should not need to be any bigger than 100-200 kb. Moreover these immense documents are not Section 508 compliant i.e. they cannot be easily rendered into readable text since the words are only pictures of words and professional OCR software fails to convert them.

Selection Statement For Commercial Crew Development Round 2 (Announcement Number NASA-CCDev-2)

"Upon receipt, the Agreements Officer conducted an acceptance screening to confirm that each proposal complied with the proposal instructions and met the intent of the requirements and goals of the Announcement. The proposal from alphaspaces did not pass the acceptance screening because it failed to comply with the proposal instructions in the Announcement and was, therefore, not reviewed by the voting members."

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