LaRC PAO's New iPhone App - For Sale? Why?

See Your Exposure with Space Radiation iPhone app

"HAMPTON, Va. - Flying somewhere and want to find out your exposure to galactic and solar radiation? A new update to an iPhone app will let you do that. The $1.99 "Space Wx" app provides real-time information about exposure to radiation from solar activity and other sources from space, starting at an altitude of 16,000 feet (5). Exposure levels are broken down by altitude and latitude, with the highest exposures typically occurring higher and farther north."

Keith's note: Typical PAO goofiness: issue a press release about an iPhone app - but forget to provide a link to the app so people can actually use it. What has me puzzled is why this NASA press release says that they are charging $1.99 for this app when all other NASA apps are free. Didn't taxpayers already pay for this app? Or wait - is this a government advertisement for a commercial product? Doubly confused.

Here's the app.

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