Stealth CCDev-2 Announcement? (Update)

Keith's 5 April note: Word has it there is going to be a CCDev-2 announcement by NASA on Wednesday, 6 April. If so, where is the media advisory?

Keith's 6 April update: Industry sources are reporting that they have been given semi-official tip that no one is going to get a heads up phone calls from NASA in advance of the CCDev 2 announcement - whenever that happens. This is somewhat of a departure from the way this is normally done.

NASA mulls commercial space plan, MSNBC

"Update for 11 a.m. ET April 7: The CCDev2 announcement has been delayed indefinitely, apparently because of the continuing back-and-forth over the federal budget, according to John Elbon, vice president and program manager for commercial crew programs at the Boeing Co."

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