Did NASA Meet Its Congressional Data Delivery Deadline? (Update: Not completely)

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Letter Regarding NASA Authorization Act of 2010 Compliance

"The 2010 Act requires NASA to provide a number of reports on implementing the policy changes; however, despite several reports, dozens of briefings, and two Commerce Committee hearings since the Act's passage, NASA's progress in implementing the policy changes remains unclear. We are now requesting the information and documents listed below to determine what steps NASA is taking to comply with the law. ... Please provide the requested information and documents by June 3, 2011."

The Senate Wants One Copy of Every NASA Document, earlier post

NASA Begins Transfer of Documents to Congress, Space News

"A congressional source said June 6 that NASA has delivered some -- but not all -- of the documents sought by the leaders of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, which authorizes funding for NASA. The agency delivered the documents June 3, which was the deadline set by the committee leaders in their May 18 letter to Bolden."

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