NASA Has Not Delivered All Of The Documents Requested by Congress

Letter from NASA Administrator Bolden to Sen. Rockefeller Regarding Congressional Document Request

Letter from NASA Administrator Bolden to Sen. Hutchison Regarding Congressional Document Request

"This is in response to your letter of June 22, 2011, signed jointly with Chairman Rockefeller, regarding the Committee's request for various documents and records concerning NASA's implementation of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 and asserting that NASA has refused to provide the documents. NASA's initial response of June 3 included three documents that the Committee specifically identified, a list of all contracts modified since passage of the Authorization Act, several hundred pages of contract documents, and lists of NASA officials as requested. As your previous letter also requests, NASA is continuing its preexisting bimonthly briefings to your staff (most recently on June 17) and my staff is in regular phone contact with your staff concerning our ongoing search for and review of documents and e-mails related to sections 302, 303 and 304 of the Act. I want to make clear that we are still gathering and reviewing documents responsive to your request and, to the extent NASA has confidentiality interests in the requested information, are working with Committee staff to accommodate the Committee's interests. We have not intended to convey a refusal to provide information to the Committee, and instead seek to continue to work to fulfill your requests consistent with our obligations."

According to a statement issued by NASA PAO last week: "NASA has been working aggressively to implement the Authorization Act approved late last year and funded just this spring. We have selected the crew capsule for deep space exploration, awarded nearly $270 million dollars in funding to American companies hoping to transport our astronauts and their cargo to the International Space Station and announced a ground-breaking precursor mission to an asteroid, which could eventually lead to a human exploration. In addition, the agency has launched important scientific missions, pushed forward with our aeronautics research and continued to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The agency is working to respond to the Senate Commerce Committee request and compiling the records requested."

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