So ... Where Are those Cool Soyuz Fly Around Pix? (Update)

Keith's 26 May note: NASA sources report that Paolo left the memory card in the Soyuz when he climbed out. The Soyuz is being shipped now, so it will be next week before the images can be retrieved. Its quite understandable that you can forget to do some things when you arrive on a planet from outer space.

Keith's 2 June note: It has been a week. So ... where are the photos?

Keith's 2 June update: According to Ken Kremer "I asked Bill Gerstenmaier that question at the post landing press briefing (video) Look at about 31:00 for his answer - maybe aroundJune 8."

Keith's 7 June update: While we're all waiting for someone in Russia to find that SD card in the Soyuz with the pics on it have a look at another masteriece by Thierry Legault - ground-based images and video as Endeavour and ISS fly overhead - in 3D!

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