NASA Says It Cannot Advertise - and Then Buys Advertisements

NASA GSFC Solicitation: Know Your Earth Message Displays

"NASA/GSFC has a requirement for messaging displays to posted in Chicago during the months of November and December, in support of the Know Your Earth 2.0, Chicago (KYE II) project. These include city wallscapes, shopping mall kiosk displays, rail transit posters, and airport dioramas. NASA/GSFC intends to purchase the items from Clear Channel Outdoor pursuant to FAR 13.106, for the acquisition of supplies or services determined to be reasonably available from only one source. The KYE II project is a joint venture between NASA's Earth-Observing missions and Clear Channel Outdoor. Each NASA Earth-Observing Mission involved has written the KYE project into their Education/Public Outreach Implementation Plans."

Keith's note: I have lost count how many times people at NASA have told me that they cannot self-promote, advertise, lobby, or otherwise try to use standard marketing tools to inform the public of the things that they do. They always cite dire Congressional prohibitions against such activities. Then they go off and totally violate these prohibitions with advertising procurements such as this one. I am not certain that they actually know what it is they are allowed or not allowed to do and just throw this answer out when they do not want to do something.

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