Product Placement on the ISS (Update)

Keith's 22 Aug Note note: If you visit the website of author Charles Justiz you will see that a photo of an astronaut holding his latest book on the International Space Station is featured. As I mentioned last March, when this first appeared online, I was not aware that authors could get NASA astronauts to do on-orbit promotion and commercial "product placement" on the ISS unless there was a clear EPO tie-in, Space Act Agreement, etc. The webpage that originally featured this product endorsement was eventually pulled offline after I took note. But now the product placement photo is back. I guess the rules have changed.

Product Placement on the ISS (Update), earlier post

Keith's 14 Sep update: I filed a FOIA response with JSC. Here is their response - all they provided is some sort of blog post or document - with no overt attribution in terms of authorship. Note that the part of this document (at the end) where the author asks for a photo op in orbit is in a different font than the rest of the document and that the line spacing is odd - as if it was added after the fact. Otherwise, there is no NASA documentation provided whatsoever with regard to this request to fly a specific item in space - despite an overt request for it. Apparently nothing else is needed in order to fly a commercial product - a book weighing a pound or so - and crew time for a photo op that is now used to commercially promote that book. Just make a blog post folks and send it to JSC - and you too can fly a commercial product in space - for free.

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Sword and Planet by Christopher Ruocchio - Baen Books
Agent of the Imperium by Marc Miller - Baen Books

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