An Amazing NASA Photo You Won't See on (Update)

Keith's 5 Oct note: What an amazing photo (larger). I found it on the FragileOasis Facebook page. But is it online at the official NASA Expedition 29 photo gallery? No. This is just insane. HEOMD EPO Lead Beth Beck doesn't even coordinate these things with other HEOMD websites, to say nothing of ignoring NASA PAO and the vastly larger audience this image would otherwise get at

I am tired of watching [SOMD + ESMD = HEOMD] absolutely bungle the utilization and awareness of the vast potential of the ISS - simply because their mediocre staff are incapable of coordination with the rest of the agency with the greater good as the ultimate intent. Amateurs are not what is called for. NASA can - and must - do MUCH better.

Questions for Beth Beck Regarding, earlier post

Keith's 7 Oct note: So, Beth Beck, HEOMD EPO Lead, why isn't this utterly astonishing photo - indeed, an image that is ethereally transcendental in terms of its colors and what it depicts - an image that simply takes one's breath away - not on and ? What is it that you do any way? If your job is to promote ISS activities, well, you have failed. is not carrying your stuff and promoting it to the public.

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