Local TV Station Skewers GRC on Remodeling and Travel Costs

The Money Pit (TV report), WOIO, Channel19 Part I - Part II

"In these tough times, it seems like everyone in Cleveland has been forced to cut corners. Except for Northeast Ohio's branch of NASA, who just bought a $20,000 dollar conference table, a $1,500 dollar office chair and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars remodeling! The best part? It's all with your money! A Carl Monday investigation that is just outrageous!"

Keith's note: Its rather odd that GRC would not allow a camera crew into the GRC Center Director's office under the pretense of concerns regarding terrorists, security, etc. -- and yet photos and video taken in the Oval Office in the White House seem to get in the news many times a week. As for the custom conference table (really), the absurdly luxurious granite floors (with logo), and near-weekly airline travel by the GRC Center Director ... you be the judge. I am more or less certain that no one at NASA cares about things like this any more. Let them eat cake, etc.

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