YouTube Fail - Blocks NASA Video

Marc's note: This morning I received an email from NASA's YouTube channel informing me that they had uploaded a new video of the Expedition 29 launch. Great I thought, I'll grab the code and post it to SpaceRef. But much to my surprise I could not view the video because the BBC claimed copyright. This would funny if it weren't serious.

This is yet another YouTube failure of their copyright protection system. Many times I've seen this happen but this is a first for NASA. Basically the way it works is that content partners can sign up for YouTube's Content Identification and Management System. The system basically allows the partner to dictate what it says is it's content to protect the copyright. The problem however is that when a video of an event is available to many partners they will assign their own blanket copyright thus infringing on others use of the video. That's what happened here. It's a major problem with YouTube's system. Perhaps Google will rectify this error.

You can watch the launch here.

Marc's Update: NASA has pulled the video with the YouTube BBC message. It's as if the launch never happened.

Marc's Update Tuesday, November 15: The video is back up and live. Situation cleared up.

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