Mike Griffin's Lukewarm Support for Stratolaunch

Space Company Stratolaunch To Blast Rockets From Huge New Aircraft, Popular Mechanics

"Because Rutan's design ditches the launchpad and uses a low-cost rocket, Griffin says Stratolaunch hopes to outdo its competitors by lowering the price of going to orbit and increasing the number of launch windows. ("Any orbit. Any time" is the new company's slogan.) "I don't know that it's a better way, but it's an approach which has a long history," Griffin said."

Keith's note: "I don't know that it's a better way"? Ouch. With uncertain comments coming from one of its board members (Mike Griffin) it doesn't look like the whole Straolaunch team is totally supportive of the company's approach. Not a good sign - especially this early in the game.

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