More Stealth NASA Spinoffs (2nd Update)

Keith's 25 Jan note: No mention of these tech transfer opportunities at NASA OCT. No mention at LaRC Technology Gateway (but they mention LENR/cold fusion), No mention at NASA TechBriefs. Unless one reads the Federal Register, all of these nifty NASA spinoffs and discoveries just go unnoticed.

- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Quick Change Ceramic Flame Holder For High-Output Torches
- Technology Transfer Opportunity: Real-Time Interferometric Fiber Optic Bragg Grating Sensors
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Self-Scrubbing Technology for Reconfigurable Rad-hard Memory Arrays

Keith's 31 Jan update: Hey, there's more spinoff goodness coming out of LaRC - but NASA still doesn't seem to want to promote it - other than burying it in the Federal Register. Go figure.

- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: High Performance High Temperature Resins for Dielectric Films, Coatings, Composites, Adhesives and Solid Parts
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Zone Zeroing Out Negative Effects - Biofeedback training for Optimal Athletic Performance
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: A Byzantine Fault Tolerant

Keith's 21 Feb update: LaRC keeps spinning these things out and yet their website, OCT, and NASA Tech Briefs still continue to ignore them.

- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Low Frequency Portable Accoustic Measurement System to Detect & Locate Turbulence and Severe Weather
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Wireless Inductance Capacitance Sensor Suitable for Small Packaging
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Powerless Passive Inductor Capacitor Sensor for Measuring Fluid Level Pitch & Roll Angles & Volume
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportuniy Flexible Hightemp Thermocouple Silver Electroplated Film
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity: Fail Safe High Temperature Composite Structure
- NASA Notice of Intent To Grant Partially Exclusive License: Photogrammetry System and Method for Determining Relative Motion Between Two Bodies

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