FY 2013 NASA Budget Released

NASA's FY 2013 Budget: A Quick Snapshot, SpaceRef

"This budget is just the beginning of a conversation. The past several years have seen budgetary roller coaster rides as the new norm. Add in possible future cuts due to other, broader budgetary issues, congressional push back, and the extra combustible politics that go with a re-election, and mush of what is in this proposed budget will morph before all is said and done. That said, it is clear that NASA still hasn't figured out what it wants to do - or why. Absent a clear, strategic plan, any budget is O.K. since you can just change the briefing charts when political winds shift or Congressional hearings loom."

NASA FY 2013 Budget Press Confeence - Full Transcript

"This year, we are trying something a little different. As well as traditional media representatives, for the first time we have invited members of the social media community to be a part of today's presentation, and we will be taking questions via Twitter using the #AskNASA. So we thank everyone for joining us for today's presentation."

Science Pushed to the Brink: Proposed FY 2013 Budget Would Devastate Planetary Science in NASA

"If Congress enacts the proposed budget, there will be no "flagship" missions of any kind, killing the tradition of great missions of exploration, such as Voyager and Cassini to the outer planets. NASA's storied Mars program will be cut drastically, falling from $587 million for FY 2012 to $360 in FY 2013, and forcing missions to be cancelled. The search for life on other potentially habitable worlds -- such as Mars, Europa, Enceladus, or Titan -- will be effectively abandoned."

Keith's note: NASA will hold a budget press conference at 2:00 pm EST today. You can watch it live here. Several dozen Twitter guests or "citizen journalists" will also participate at NASA HQ. The press event will be followed by telecons focus on HEOMD, SMD, Technology, and Aeronautics budgets. More information. NASA FY 2013 budget and supporting information will be available online at 1 pm EST here. Questions for the speakers at this afternoon's budget press conference can be tweeted with the hashtag #askNASA and NASA will try and answer some of these questions.

Keith's update: The OMB Budget page goes live with FY 2013 budget information at 11:15 am EST.

- NASA FY 2013 Budget Factsheet, OMB
- NASA Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA Excerpt) FY 2013 Budget Summary , OMB

"Following a thorough management and technical review, the Budget funds the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble, to enable a launch later this decade. This decade also will see the launch of a new robotic mission to visit an asteroid and return with samples--helping us understand how our solar system formed and how life began--and paving the way for human missions to an asteroid. Some important, but currently unaffordable missions are deferred, such as large-scale missions to study the expansion of the universe and to return samples from Mars."

Keith's 11:45 am update: President Obama just spoke repeatedly about the importance of education yet he cuts the NASA FY 2013 budget for education by $36 million from the 2012 budget of $136 million. Paradox.

Keith's 12:55 pm update: Detailed NASA FY 2013 Budget information is now online

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