Congress Tries To Thwart the "Commercial" Aspect of Commercial Crew

Olson, Colleagues Urge White House to Correct Safety Glitch (NASA Commercial Crew)

"Rep. Pete Olson (R-Sugar Land) and several colleagues today urged White House Office of Science and Technology Director John Holdren to follow through on his understanding that NASA should retain all encompassing responsibility over the safety requirements for development of commercial crew vehicles. Under proposed agreements between NASA and commercial crew entities, NASA would not have the necessary authority to oversee and approve the safety measures needed to keep our astronauts safe."

Keith's note: This is really starting to get wacky. Republican (supposedly pro-business) members of Congress are trying to undermine the core principles that comprise "commercial" crew. For all intents and purposes they are slowly re-erecting all of the tradtional government/contractor interactions NASA has used for decades. Every time they do this, they diminish the ability of the private sector to do this "commercially". Do commercial aircraft get built this way?

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