CASIS Unveils A New Website That Is Already Broken

Center for the Advancement of Science in Space Debuts New Website at

"Today, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), the nonprofit organization managing research on the International Space Station (ISS), announced the unveiling of a new website ( that will serve as a portal for researchers, businesses, educators and students to discover the unique opportunities available to them on board the ISS U.S. National Laboratory."

Keith's 11:40 am note: As is typical with CASIS, something doesn't work: if you go to the page where they claim to hype the benefits of using the ISS - and scroll to the bottom where the various PDF files are you will see that none of the links work, resulting in an error message. You have to wonder if CASIS can get anything done right when they can't even get a simple website operational. What's really comical is the fact that they issued a press release specifically about their new website. You'd think that someone would run a link checker....

Keith's 3:30 pm update: The links are now fixed but it took them several hours to do so. Oh yes, I became a "member" (its free). My confirmation page then said "billing information" but the amount was $0.00. I then was prompted to get a username - so I did. Now when I sign in it simply sends me to the page where I signed up in the first place. Why am I being asked to sign in if there is nothing for me to see other than the contribution page? I then logged out and logged back in and my username/password was not accepted and I got "authorization failed". When I logged out it sends me back to the contribution page. Again, a professional web deisgner would be useful at this point. If you are going to specifically crow about your brand new website, you really do need to make sure that it actually works - BEFORE you let the public see it.

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