How We Utilize Space: Slow Pokes and Converts

Budget Pressures Prompt ISS Partners To Justify Costs, Aviation Week

"NASA needs to get out of the business of running the competition and selecting experimenters and researchers to fly on ISS," Bolden says. "We realize if we truly want to enhance the utilization, we've got to cast our net as wide as we can in bringing people aboard to do experiments." But Florida-based CASIS has yet to identify any proposals worth funding and has been dogged by public relations issues, notably the resignation of its CEO after less than six months on the job. If CASIS can sort itself out, "then our proposal would be that we expand it even more broadly so you don't just have academia and the partner organizations doing the research on station," Bolden says."

Kelly once against Obama space plan, now open to it, MSNBC

"MSNBC: Do you think that private companies going into space will work? Do you see this as truly the future of space flight ?

Mark Kelly: You know, initially i didn't. I was not a big fan of this plan that the Obama administration had early on. But just seeing how it's developed over the last few years, to see companies, as an example, Spacex, how close they are, they're going to deliver cargo to the space station next week. That's amazing. They're going to ultimately be able to deliver people to the space station. So I see the decisions that were made were very innovative. So they can be a little bit disruptive but ultimately I think this is good for our country and I think it's good for the state of florida as well."

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