UrtheCast's HD Video: Real Product Or Smoke and Mirrors?

UrtheCast's HD Video From Space Station: Real Product or Hyped Vaporware?

"A Canadian company called UrtheCast has begun to claim that it is going to place the first live HD video feed on the International Space Station in a few months. Despite all of their PR and hype, NASA isn't so sure that there actually is a real product and service - as advertised by UrtheCast."

Space Budget Woes Lead to World-Wide Collaboration, UrtheCast

"Few remember that the predecessor of the ISS was Space Station Freedom, a solely American venture to build a year-round floating laboratory in space. President Ronald Reagan directed NASA to complete the project within a decade during his 1984 State of the Union Address. But by 1993 the Freedom project had gone through two major design initiatives and was still nowhere near completion."

Keith's note: Um, you really need to check your historical facts as well as your technical facts: Space Station Freedom was an international space station. Japan, Europe, and Canada were partners.

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