CASIS & ISS National Lab: Still Ignoring Their Own Stuff

Space: The New Frontier For Medical Breakthroughs, US News & World Report

"Deadly bacteria that have spent time in space are already on Earth--but instead of killing humans, they might just save lives. Scientists are using bacteria cultivated on the International Space Station to help develop vaccines that experts say could revolutionize the medical field."

Keith's note: Wow. Actual benefits to people back on Earth from research done in space on the ISS. Deputy Administrator Garver tweeted a link as did the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. Neither @ISSCASIS or @ISS_NatLab could be bothered to do so. Alas, neither CASIS or the ISS National Laboratory are mentioned in this article. CASIS and the ISS National Laboratory ignore lots of things like this - including this regular NASA summary (not posted online) of space biology and medicine research done on the ISS. The CASIS and ISS National Lab folks are having their big meeting in Denver right now. I wonder if they are talking about how to make the ISS more relevant to the people who pay for it?

Keith's update: Oh yes: CASIS just released "CASIS Announces First Solicitation for Proposals: Advancing Protein Crystallization in Microgravity". No mention by @ISS_NatLab or at the ISS National Laboratory website. No one bothers to work with anyone, it would seem. [Update: a link was added later in the day - well after the release went out.]

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