NASA Improves Its Tech Transfer Portal

Open For Business: NASA Launches New Technology Transfer Portal

"In an effort to accelerate technology transfer from NASA into the hands of American businesses, industry and the public, the agency's new Technology Transfer Portal is open for business. NASA's Technology Transfer Portal provides an Internet-based one-stop front door to the agency's unique intellectual property assets available for technology transfer and infusion into America's new technology and innovation-driven economy."

Keith's note: I have to say this is a substantial improvement over what was online before. Some closer examination is called for. The next step ought to be to eliminate all of the separate field center tech transfer websites (each one is different, none of them interconnect, each one costs money to maintain etc.) and have one truly central portal where everyone has easy access to everything that NASA does.

A quick observation: based on the user interface on this new site I'd never find these three items posted by NASA LaRC the other day unless I already knew to click on the LaRC link that actually takes me to the NASA Technology Gateway Marketplace. Why not call the link by the name of where it sends you?

- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity Byzantine Fault Tolerant Clock - A Self Stabilizing Synchronization Protocol
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity Air Coupled Acoustic Thermography Nondestructive Evaluation and Inspection of Structures
- NASA Technology Transfer Opportunity Adaptive Refinement Tools Software for Realtime of Unstructured Grids in Numerical Analysis

Oh yes: NASA Tech Briefs is linked from this page but NASA Tech Briefs still makes no link or mention of NASA itself. Odd.

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