SDO Website Offline Due to Hurricane That Is Not Even Here Yet (Update)

Keith's 29 Oct note: The @NASA_SDO twitter account just noted "Due to the impact of Hurricane #Sandy @NASA_Goddard the @NASA_SDO website is down. Sorry for the inconvenience We will have it up again ASAP".

This is baffling. The most weather we have here in the DC/Baltimore area right now is steady rain. No hurricane effects are being felt yet. But none the less a GSFC website is offline? I wonder what would happen during a solar storm when the website is actually needed. Hasn't NASA learned how to prepare for such simple contingencies i.e. placing its websites (or at least a back up mirror) in the cloud? Maybe if the SDO folks spent a little more time on routine web support and less time on their dead rubber chicken mascot this wouldn't happen.

But wait: since NASA is incapable of having one official SDO website (due to a chronic organizational inability to adopt a simple website plan) there is another official NASA SDO website online here but it has nothing to do with this equally official SDO website here (which is offline) except that it loads images from the site that is offline right now.

Keith's 30 Oct update: It has been 24 hours. The hurricane is gone. All of NASA's websites seem to be working just fine - none seem to have been knocked offline - except for the SDO website at GSFC which was taken offline. The other (competeting) official NASA SDO website that relies on this downed GSFC server for images shows blank space where the "Latest SDO AIA Image" should be.

Keith's 31 Oct update: The website is back online. What is really odd is this notice they posted:

"The SDO Website is Down Mon, 29 Oct 2012 Due to anticipated power grid problems caused by Hurricane Sandy the SDO website has been shutdown. We regret the inconvenience. The website should return tomorrow. All SDO data is sent to the ground and stored at the data centers."

Think about this for a second. They posted this notice on 29 October on a website that no one could see on 29 or 30 October. Who did they expect to read this notice? You would have had to actually be able to see the website in order to see the notice that the website was offline. Only at NASA.

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