Challenger's Crew Mentioned By A Presidential Candidate

Keith's note: At the beginning of 20:25 into this video, Gov. Romney repeats a story he has told about an American flag flown on Space Shuttle Challenger's last mission at the request of a Boy Scout troop and how it was recovered - virtually intact - after the loss of Challenger. For the record, I served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. I have built memorials to the crews of Challenger and Columbia with my own hand on a remote island near the North Pole and helped facilitate on the summit of Mt. Everest.

As such, this issue is personal and I am very protective of the legacy of Challenger and Columbia crews and their families. In this video, the flag that flew on Challenger is presented on the stage and the crew of Challenger is mentioned honorably. As such, this video is worth watching. We all rant and rave about this and that when it comes to space policy - but there are a number of families for whom these issues are deeply personal - lest we ever forget.

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