This Week's Stealth Future In-Space Operations Working Group Telecons

Future In-Space Operations (FISO): a working group and community engagement, Space Review

"It would be nice to have a listen-only telecon line that we can invite everyone to, but we have made our choices about this telecon colloquium series carefully ... These presentations are co-chaired by a NASA employee, and the telecon uses a NASA toll-free line that is allocated to that co-chair for multiple uses."

Keith's note: I find it to be baffling (but then again not surprising given that this is NASA) that a NASA-sponsored and supported advisory group on advanced technology (clearly operating outside of FACA) cannot figure out how to use simple, readily available, and often free technology so as to allow taxpayers to dial in on "listen-only" mode and that presentations are no longer posted online in advance - now that the rest of the world knows about these stealthy telecons.

Tomorrow's presentation: "Evolved Human Space Exploration Architectures Using Commercial Launch and Propellant Depots" Alan Wilhite , Georgia Inst.Tech./Natl.Inst.Aerospace February 13, 2013

Dial-in instructions: Future In-Space Operations (FISO) Working Group: Wednesdays, 3pm EST Dial in: 877 921 5751 Passcode: 623679

Oh yes, FISO still still tells people to go to their archive website at Click on the link. It goes to "Future In-Space Operations: Hints on dealing with aging difficulty related to physical attractiveness". Wow. The future of space has to do with physical attractiveness. Who knew?

Stealth Future In-Space Operations (FISO) Working Group Telecons, earlier post

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