Hangman's Noose Found at Wallops (Update)

Hangman's Noose Found at Wallops Flight Facility Construction Site

"The American Federation of Government Employees is working to address recent indications of racial harassment at the Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). Last week, AFGE has learned of a hangman's noose being placed at a construction site on the Wallops Main Base. It has also been brought to our attention that this is not the first demonstration of racial animus and an intention to intimidate and to create a fearful atmosphere."

NASA GSFC/WFF Internal Memo: Investigation Into WFF Incident (Hangman's Noose Found)

"I am anticipating a report this week with the results of an investigation I directed to examine the facts regarding an incident that took place some weeks ago at the Wallops Flight Facility. I want to assure you that I am committed to ensuring a work place that is free of harassment of any kind, and there will be zero tolerance for any employee at GSFC who violates the laws and policies in place to safeguard every employee's rights and expectations of a harassment-free work place."

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