NASA Technical Reports Server Mysteriously Taken Offline

NTRS Collections - NASA Technical Reports Server

"Until further notice, the NTRS system will be unavailable for public access. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and anticipate that this site will return to service in the near future."

Keith's note: NASA just yanks this website offline. No press release, no official notice at Why is this invaluable resource offline? NASA brags about all of its spinoffs and then one of the largest online repositories thereof is stealthily taken offline. Oddly these related NASA sites with linkage to NTRS are still online for "public access".

- JPL Technical Report Server
- NASA Johnson Technical Reports Server

Oh wait - there's this item from Rep. Wolf the other day. Coincidence?

Wolf: Chinese National Potentially Involved In NASA Langley Security Violations

"Second: NASA should immediately take down all publicly available technical data sources until all documents that have not been subjected to export control review have received such a review and all controlled documents are removed from the system."

Keith's update: According to a response from NASA HQ PAO this morning "It's down for review to ensure there is no sensitive content on the server." Why is it that NASA cannot be honest with people in the note on the NTRS website and explain why the site is offline? What is really baffling is how this site could have been online - for decades - and not have had a process to prevent inapproprate material from being posted. Did Rep. Wolf's office actually find something online - specifically at NTRS - that shouldn't have been there - or is this a knee jerk reaction - on both sides? Why aren't other NASA technical information websites offline? When I sent an inquiry to the person listed as the point of contact for NTRS he declined to reply and referred me to LaRC PAO.

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