NASA's Super Secret Warp Drive Program

Warp Factor - A NASA scientist claims to be on the verge of faster-than-light travel: is he for real?, Popular Science

"The device looks like a large red velvet doughnut with wires tightly wound around a core, and it's one of two initiatives Eagleworks is pursuing, along with warp drive. It's also secret. When I ask about it, White tells me he can't disclose anything other than that the technology is further along than warp drive ... Yet when I ask how it would create the negative energy necessary to warp space-time he becomes evasive. "That gets into . . . I can tell you what I can tell you. I can't tell you what I can't tell you," he says. He explains that he has signed nondisclosure agreements that prevent him from revealing the particulars. I ask with whom he has the agreements. He says, "People come in and want to talk about some things. I just can't go into any more detail than that."

Clarifying NASA's Warp Drive Program

Keith's 7 April note: Did Harold White sign NDAs as an individual? I am not sure how you can do that while working on taxpayer-funded projects as a NASA civil servant. Is this research SBU? Is it classified? Is he working for DARPA or some other funding entity while at NASA? Does NASA have Space Act Agreements or MOUs that it is not talking about? If this research is not SBU then why won't Harold White go into detail? How much is NASA spending on this anyway?

Keith's 8 April update : NASA HQ PAO, JSC PAO, and Harold White have declined thus far to respond to a series of questions on this topic - or acknowledge receipt of the questions.

Keith's 9 April update : Still nothing but silence from NASA PAO and Harold White. I guess it is FOIA time.

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