Dealing With Pluto's Debris

The PI's Perspective: Encounter Planning Accelerates, JHUAPL

"We've now largely completed that work and presented the results to both an independent, NASA-appointed technical review team, led by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Keyur Patel, and then to senior executives at NASA Headquarters. Both groups have concurred with our findings..."

Keith's note: I would have posted this news earlier but both SwRI and JHUAPL simply refuse to place me on their media distribution lists (yes, I have asked more than once). In addition, NASA SMD has not issued anything on this either. That is not surprising given their foot dragging in response to my last request on this topic.

NASA Finally Responds To Simple Questions About the New Horizons Mission to Pluto (January 2013) earlier post

"Three months ago I asked the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) some simple questions regarding possible changes to the New Horizons encounter with Pluto based on recent data indicating debris in the region. I was told that I'd get a prompt reply. SMD PAO finally got around to responding to me today after three months of silence. One would think that these answers would be simple to provide - and based on standard mission operating procedures. Guess not."

Will NASA Have To 'Bail Out' On Close Pluto Encounter?, (October 2012)

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