NASA's Latest Stealth Spinoff

WCUI's Psoria-Shield(R) Announces Sales Roll-Out of Psoria-Light(R) to Key Markets

"The device was developed by Mr. Scot Johnson, President and CEO of Psoria-Shield, and his team of engineers who together have developed over 30 FDA-cleared, CE marked devices sold worldwide. The Deep UV LEDs utilized by Psoria-Light were created in parts by DARPA, NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) for use in space. Psoria-Light's adaptation of them for targeted UV phototherapy has earned it an exclusive distinction from the Space Foundation as a Certified Space Technology ( The light generated by these LEDs has been demonstrated in previous clinical papers to be both more therapeutic and carry fewer side effects than other conventional UV light sources."

Keith's note: Yet another example of a NASA spinoff that NASA either knows nothing about or (if it does) doesn't seem to be interested in telling anyone about. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into NASA's new space tech directorate and they can't even stay on top of the news? In this case, its old news. I did a search at, and at NASA Rech Briefs. None of these searches resulted in any results about this product. Yet Space Foundation has certainly been paying attention. This is a baffling behavior pattern at NASA given that this is one case where there are potential benefits to a large number of taxpayers (patients).

- Another NASA Technology Data Dump No One Will Know About

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