"We are NASA, not NSA"

NASA HEOMD Internal Memo on Personal Electronic Devices, NASA

"- Contrary to the nonsense you've been reading at nasawatch or elsewhere, NASA does not obtain control of your personal device; NASA cannot remotely read the contents of your device; NASA does not know your unlock code; and NASA will not remotely trigger a wipe of your personal device without your direct authorization to do so. We are NASA, not NSA. Don't drop the first 'A', eh?"

NASA Internal Memo: ActiveSync Security Policies to be Applied to Mobile Devices Connecting to NOMAD, NASA CIO

"Employees using their own mobile device for downloading NASA email /calendar directly via their phone's mail client should be aware that NASA has the ability to access your device and to erase ("wipe") it. While the current NASA policy is that no such access or wiping will occur without the employee's explicit permission, it remains possible that such adverse events could nonetheless occur inadvertently."

Keith's note: Funny how the same group of IT people who were unable to prevent the loss of personal information for hundreds of NASA employees, repeatedly allowed personal employee data to get onto latops that were taken outside of the agency, is unable to stop website hacks, and stumbled over itself to figure out how to encrypt data on laptops, can be so certain that data on your mobile device will never be affected (by NASA) if you connect to NASA's networks.

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