Is China In Space To Win It?

As China's space program rises, will NASA rise again? , Houston Chronicle

"China has the opportunity in coming years to surpass the United States in space programs, forcing the government to step up NASA funding to retain a leadership position, partner with the Chinese or risk falling behind, according to space policy experts. Russia is the other country that presently has the capacity to launch humans into space. Its space program, however, reliant upon technology designed nearly five decades ago, is getting by on past momentum. China's space program, by contrast, is in ascendance."

China, America and the Moon: Boldness and Abdication, Paul Spudis

"Our retreat from the challenge of the Moon puzzles even Chinese observers. Wu Ji, director general of the China National Space Science Center, reportedly is "dismayed by recent changes." "I don't know if your listeners or people living in the U.S. understand these changes," he recently told NPR foreign correspondent Anthony Kuhn, "But as I observe them from the outside, I feel that America is gradually contracting and closing itself off. It's a very strange thing."

India lags China in space: ex-ISRO chief

"The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) may have sparked a debate on 'space race' between India and China, but former ISRO boss G Madhavan Nair says Beijing has already surged forward and is on course to have an upper hand in the field globally. "I think if somebody says that we can race with China and catch up with them. At the moment. We have lost the game very badly," he said here. According to him, India and China were "almost equal" five years ago and, except in the area of manned mission, "we had everything in place"."

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