Unexplained NASA Advisory Council Changes (Update)

Notice of renewal and amendment of the charter of the NASA Advisory Council

"Pursuant to sections 14(b)(1) and 9(c) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Pub. L. 92-463), and after consultation with the Committee Management Secretariat, General Services Administration, the NASA Administrator has determined that renewal and amendment of the charter of the NASA Advisory Council is in the public interest in connection with the performance of duties imposed on NASA by law. The renewed charter is for a two-year period ending October 24, 2015. It is identical to the previous charter in all respects except with regard to information pertaining to annual operating costs and number of meetings per year."

Keith's note: This item appeared in yesterday's Federal Register. I asked the NAC and NASA PAO:

- Has the cost of the NAC gone up or down? How much does the NAC cost NASA per year?  

ANSWER:  The annual operating cost for NAC has gone down.  In the 2011 NAC Charter, the cost was estimated at $1.8M and in the 2013 NAC Charter, the cost is estimated at $1.1M.

- How many NAC meetings will there be under the new charter? What is the rationale for changing the number of meetings?

ANSWER:  Under the 2013 NAC Charter, the number of NAC meetings per year is approximately three.  Under the 2011 NAC Charter, it was approximately four.  The decision to reduce the number of NAC meetings per year was driven by budget considerations.

- Can you send me the full text of the new charter - as amended?  

ANSWER:  A PDF of the 2013 NAC Charter is attached.

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