No One At NASA Knows Who Enforces NASA Travel Regulations

NASA spends millions to fly first and business class with little oversight, Scripps

"NASA neglected to disclose an entire year's worth of upgrades in 2012, and faced no repercussions. The agency is in the process of completing that report now. ... Each agency's inspector general is responsible for enforcing travel regulations, according to the GSA. NASA's office of inspector general acknowledged it has never audited premium travel. Asked why the errors weren't caught earlier, NASA CFO Robinson, who has been on the job since 2009, said she only recently became responsible for the report. "It was done elsewhere at NASA and it came to us because all of the people doing it retired. So I can't speak to what they did." Regarding its failure to file an entire year of disclosures in 2012, NASA officials put the onus partly on GSA, saying the agency never contacted them about it.''

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