New Space Vs Old Habits

NASA views "new space" with hope, support -- and wariness, Houston Chronicle

"The ruthlessness of Musk and SpaceX bend toward a singular goal, to drive down the cost of access to space. And it's working. NASA paid SpaceX a relative pittance, less than $400 million, for the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft that's now supplying the space station. NASA estimated it would have cost the space agency four to 10 times as much to do the same thing. Musk is also building a massive rocket, the Falcon 9 Heavy, which could fly three years earlier than the heavy lift rocket NASA is building, the Space Launch System, and may deliver cargo to orbit at a tenth of the cost. For Musk, however, these are just baby steps. He, too, wants to build reusable rockets. "What SpaceX has done so far is evolutionary, but not revolutionary," Musk said earlier this year."

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